Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Cooper!

This time six years ago I was sitting in the hospital with a 5hr old baby, doting over him and feeling so very proud of myself & Dan for what we'd accomplished. Dan & I were in awe of him, this precious little miracle we had created. Our lives changed that day as we became a family, and as we were given this amazing little life to look after. Now my little boy is six...and we are still very much in awe of him. In awe of his uber personality and his amazing capability to make friends so easily. In awe of his energy and neverending yearning for adventure and fun. In awe of him starting school and being an overall successful student, reading well above standard, lapping up his lessons and learning so much each day. In awe of his natural ability on the football field, which he proved this year with his first season. In awe of his love for his little sisters (most of the time!). Some days we are in awe of his smarty pants comments and quick comebacks....but I guess that comes with the territory of raising a boy, eh. ;) All in all, this boy is our shining star, our eldest, our only boy, and we adore him just as much as we did on that first day together six years ago.

29 August 2004 - Cooper the day after he was born

29 August 2005 - 1 year old and getting his first bike

29 August 2006 - 2 years old and loving Thomas The Tank Engine

29 August 2007 - Our very cool 3 year old dude!

29 August 2008 - Very cheeky @ 4

29 August 2009 - Dragons boy is 5!

And today, so grown up at 6 (eeeek, I just realised he is in the same pjs two years in a row!!) ;)

And now a tradition, our early morning birthday photo while we're all still in our pj's, with the camera balancing on the top step!

Happy Birthday Coop! Love you! xoxoxox


  1. LOL @ the pj's Sar! Too funny!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous day, love seeing the photos.

  2. Love that you have the camera resting on the step hehehe, sounds like something I would do. It is amazing just how fast our first babies grow.

  3. You know how to put a tear in my eye babe.... I laughed at the same PJ's (yes I noticed LOL). He is a beautiful boy, and I am ssooo proud to be such a big part of his life. Love him to bits xx

  4. love all the photos Sar, it is beautiful watching them grow....glad cooper had such a wonderful birthday!