Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can't live without...

...sketches! When I'm needing to get moving on a page quick, I pull out the good 'ol sketch folders I have printed out here. Always get a page started for me quicksmart, and if I end up going on another path by the end of the page thats ok...but I just love having that starting point, you know?

This one is an old Stuck?! sketch, not sure which one it is, Sara?

And this is the current Got Sketch? which is another sketch site I frequent when I get the chance.

What do you do when you're lacking motivation and inspiration? What gets a page going for you? Would love to hear what everyone else does to get themselves scrapping!


  1. i love a good colour combo! Cant scrap to sketches, I always feel too much pressure to stick to them too literally!
    I love seeing people take a sketch & interpret it thought!

  2. I love scraplifting you.....LOL. love ya work babe xx

  3. Its the 1st of March sketch :)

    I have a huge folder of layouts I have saved from all over the place that I close my eyes and randomly pick on to get the mojo flowing

  4. I love those pics of the kiddoes in the cot!
    I love new photos, and product, and blog hopping ;)