Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thank you friends!

Thanks to everyone for the support and lovely comments I received on my last post. I wasn't talking about anyone in particular, but just the general stuff that myself and everyone else in the scrapbooking industry goes through at times.

If you thought I was talking about you, my sincere apologies but as a great quote says 'A guilty conscience needs no accuser.' ;)

Enough said, onto some scrapping! :)

I have nearly gotten myself back up to date on the 52 Week Challenge I'm doing with some of the girls over in Scrapbook Savvy forum. Am still loving this and keep surprising myself that I've actually made it this far....and actually keep going!

Week 27 called Footy Mum - the journalling on this one is a MUST READ and in case you can't see it, it says:

'The story behind this picture is a funny one! Seeing all the Under 6's footy jumpers on the line, I felt a bit like a 'footy mum' so took a photo and told Dan of my plan to do a 'footy mum' page. His response? BUT I WASHED THEM & I HUNG THEM OUT!! So okay...I admit it...I'm not really that good a footy mum but I do love going to watch Coop play! :)'

Week 28 called Train Trip - our day trip to Kiama on the train during the school holidays. Such a good day with our babies.

Week 29 called Molly Moo is 2! - a beautiful day out for our niece's birthday.

Week 30 called Wii Fit - me & Georgie wii'ing it up and doing the boxing. Don't you love Georgie's 'balance board' (aka a chopping board!). :)

Week 31 called Happy B'day Poppy - Dan's dads birthday with all the kids, love the pic of them all kissing him and the expression on his face when he opened his present, was a huge hit!

Alright, thats enough of a blog post for today, I'm off to watch a movie and have a few drinks with my hubby. Love that we can hang at home together on a Saturday night now that he's off the weekend shift. xoxo


  1. beautiful work honey! hee hee.. I will have to get georgie to show me her balance board when I am there! Dan's dad looked like he had a great birthday with his grandkids!
    enjoy your movie night and drinkies with Dan
    See you soon
    love you
    Donna xxx

  2. I love every single page!! I am completely in AWE of you doing this challenge and I keep thinking how cool it will be for you to look back over the year through these pages. WTG Girl!

  3. Awesome pages....
    Great inspiration to us all...
    and words of honesty....

    well done to it ALL!!!

  4. Well done Sar on keeping up with the LOs. They are looking fab.