Sunday, August 7, 2011

New friends = Inspiration!!

As you can imagine, with nearly 90 women at Camp Mojo I managed to make LOTS of new friends and with that comes new and exciting ideas & inspiration!

One of the major standouts to me was Lisa Pate. I have never met Lisa before, haven't seen her work, haven't heard her name. But OMG, when I saw her work on the challenge tables I was totally & utterly in love with her style. So much so, that I stole one of her ideas for the following layout.

Slurpees - using an awesome method of rolling papers and using them as your a background.

And a closeup...did I say this was one of my fave layouts of the mojo weekend?!

Thanks Lisa for inspiring me, can't wait to see you again soon!


  1. OMG Sar, this is an awesome layout. I love love love it. Can I lift the idea??? please please pretty please lol

  2. Of course you can! I stole it so give you full permission!!!! xx

  3. oh that is VERY noice Sar- I might just have to have a go at this technique as well!

  4. gorgeous Sar! I think I might have to steal that idea too... miss you mwah!

  5. Great LO Sar. Might have to give that a go myself :) Have been using the He's Savvy kits to scrap the last couple of days and I love them !!

    Have a great day

  6. That rolled paper looks fantastic. Might have to give it a go on one of my layouts soon.