Saturday, August 13, 2011

Savvy Crop Days...

As much as they were good fun and all, I have to honestly say that I don't really miss them? Is that awful?

I do miss getting together with my girls every week...but thats about all I miss (except the income, of course!).

I don't miss the commitment, the pressure, the stress, the cancellations, the full days of my kids missing out on me.

Here's a layout I did of one of the fun crop days we did have at the start of my Savvy life, a Biggest Morning Tea crop.

I have so much more fun these days cropping at Scrapbooking Delights...not working, just scrapping and being out of my own environment makes a huge difference to my productivity. So happy that my local scrap shop still holds regular crop days and nights each week. Its so important that we support this as without our local scrap shop, our area would be buggered for scrapping inspiration, products & classes.

Speaking of which, I had an awesome time at an all day crop just today...managing FOUR layouts in the five hours I was there! Told you my productivity was good at Delights! Thanks again San for having me...always a good day spent with you. xx


  1. thank you sarah
    i appreciate your support and i enjoy the crops as much as you. I hope i can manage to keep the shop opened to continue sharing the scrap world with everyone xxx

  2. Scrapping with friends certainly makes a big difference to my creativity too Sar!!!