Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blind Scrap with Me?

I hosted a blind scrap session last night over in the Scrapbook Savvy forum as part of our Cybercrop weekend.

If you haven't blind scrapped before - basically you get a list of 'ingredients' for your page and step by step instructions on how to put your layout together. The catch? You can't see the end result and how the page is 'meant' to turn out so everyone's turns out that little bit different in the end. So much fun!

If you'd like to join in, head over to the forum now and check out the instructions here. Load your page into the gallery on Wednesday (not before, so everyone has the chance to do it 'blind') but before midnight Thursday to win yourself some Savvy spending money.

And just cause I can, here's a sneak peek of my page using the new She's Savvy Kit which is still available in the store (but there are only three left so be quick!)...

Hope to see you in the forum!!


  1. Love your sneak. The Blind Scrap as great - mine's here waiting to be loaded. take care xx

  2. Gorgeous sneak, can't wait to see the full layout.

  3. This looks great I'm going over to have a look.