Thursday, August 30, 2007

3 years and 1 day...

I can't believe it, my little boy is three years old...where did that time go? It seems like just yesterday he was a tiny (well, not THAT tiny) baby and now he can hold a full conversation with us. Its amazing, he has turned into such a character of a kid...we laugh with him every single day and are still amazed by him.

We had an unreal day yesterday for him...we woke up at about 7am, and he was so excited to open his presents. His favourite present was his Tonka fire truck from his little sister (isn't she clever, 8 months old and already shopping all by herself!). Here is a photo of all of us yesterday morning.

Then off to swimming lessons...Cooper's first big boy swimming lesson without Daddy in the pool! He was so proud of himself and he did a great job.

Then it was off to the Botanical Gardens so Cooper could feed the ducks. This is something Daniel's Pop used to do with him when he was a little boy, so something really special to us. Cooper had a ball!

So then we went shopping...I know, busy busy all day! Cooper got some new black hi top Cons (so trendy!) and some new Thomas books, and then we headed home for naps...well, naps for the kids...and for me to run around like a crazy lunatic trying to get everything organised for our family dinner!!!! It was great though and we had a house full. Cooper was a very spoilt the time the last visitors arrived he was greeting them at the door with his arms open for the present saying 'thank you' before they'd even given it to him! Too funny.

Daniel did a great job of making his cake, he's always made the birthday cakes and absolutely loves it. Here is our boy blowing out his candles.

So all in all, Cooper had a fantastic birthday...not that its over yet, he had a cake at preschool today and his party with all his friends is on Saturday at one of he play places...its the birthday that goes on forever! Funny, mine have always been like that too...anyone who knows me could tell you how obsessed I am with birthdays!

Thanks to Tara and Lauren for your messages on my last post!

A quieter day today, thank goodness, and hopefully tomorrow will be the same. No scrapping (pout) but we'll see what happens tomorrow.



  1. Sar, it looks like Cooper had a special birthday! I love it that your hubby made his cake, mine can only cook bacon and eggs, letalone make and decorate a cake!!! Great pics, and thanks for checking out my blog!
    Ali xxx

  2. I am so glad you guys had a great day!!! There is nothing better than seeing your kids loving their birthdays...:) LOL The T- Shirt in the back of the cake pic is pretty funny... LOL I almost brought that one for DH once...

  3. looks like he had a fab birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little man! They do grow up too quick. Yeah, my little ones go to McKeown's - they love it there mostly, but can tend to be overtired by the time their lessons start. Very scary the first time they go in without you. Lisa :-)

  5. What a beautiful family you have. Sar. MBM (SM FORUM)