Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thanks to Ali for tagging me as a 'Rockin Girl Blogger'! Thats pretty special...I've only been blogging for a week! ;) So now I have to tag five here goes:

1. Nic (love ya, sis!)
2. Lisa Warren
3. Loz
4. Tara
5. AnnDee

You all rock! :)

A pretty quiet day for me today after a night out with the girls, just had brekkie with my hubby and the kids at the beach this morning before he went to work, then spent the day with my Mum & Dad. Cooper has gone for a sleepover at Aunty Karen's and Georgia is in I just finished vacuuming my floor (at 7pm on a Sunday night, crazy I know!) and I'm cooking my dinner. Might do some ironing while I watch tele, so no scrapping for me tonight.

A busy week ahead with Cooper's birthday on Wednesday, we're going to the footy tomorrow night, having a family dinner on Wednesday night then Cooper's party on his birthday really is an all week celebration, spoilt boy! I'm really looking forward to it though, he is so excited to be turning 3. Lots of photos will be taken, thats for sure.

Best go, my dinner is nearly ready, bye for now.



  1. aww thanks Sar!! I feel special I'm a rockin' girl now ;-)

  2. hey Sar,
    wish i was at the beach with you today too!
    it was such a nice day