Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a gorgeous day!

A beautiful Tuesday here in Wollongong today...it got up to 27 degrees, and its still winter! My mum was here to spend the day with the kids and I, so I decided at about lunchtime that it was too nice to be cooped up inside...so Mum & I took the kids to the beach for lunch and a play at the park. Met my gorgeous sis-in-law Kaz and neice, Chloe. We had a great couple of hours until the kids decided they'd had enough and it was time for sleeping (or whinging, more like it!)

Here's a couple of photos of my day:

Cooper & Chloe having fun in the sand...

Me and my Georgie girl...

What a gorgeous day, hope the weather stays like this now...it makes me feel so much better...except that I don't fit into my summer clothes so best get my bum moving and start eating properly again! After this week, just way too much happening over the next couple of days to start a health kick!

We all had a top night last night at the footy...Cooper had a ball, as you can see. Here he is with the St George Dragon:

And here with my nephew, Adam...isn't he a spunk!! (Adam I mean, but Cooper is too!)

And here with my hubby, aren't they both gorgeous...and no, they're not posing...they were actually watching the fireworks!

A lovely week so far and its all about to get even better....my little boy turns 3 in about two hours, I can't believe it! He is growing up so fast, and making us laugh more and more every day. The personality on this little boy just amazes me...and drives me crazy at times, but thats another story.

Enough rambling from me for one day, I think I need an early night.



  1. These are really nice pics Sar... Looks like you all had a great time :)... Happy Birtday to your little boy today, I hope he has a great birthday..!!

  2. Happy Birthday little Man!
    Hope you have a wonderful day....
    Enjoy every moment with him