Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally some scrapping to show!


I can't believe it, I actually found the scrap room today! No work was waiting for me, the house was reasonably tidy, and the kids were in I snuck downstairs for an hour, and low & behold I actually did some scrapping! Nothing extraordinary, but I'm still happy with how it turned out. This is a double layout for Cooper's 8 x 8 Christening album, which I've been doing forever but get sick of really quickly. These photos of Coop with his godparents Ben & Alicia show just how much they adore our little boy. I find 8 x 8 size really hard, I think because you really can't put too much on it and seeing as I am sticking with the blue colour theme I am also limited. But anyway, another page down, yay!

Not much else happening today, Daniel is working arvo shift so its just me and the kids tonight...fingers crossed I can make my way back downstairs after they're in bed. Its amazing how just an hour of doing something fun changes my mood, I have been so stressed about everything at the moment and just producing this little piece this arvo has really brightened my day...

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  1. Very sweet layout Sar - I still haven't scrapped my son's naming day and that was 4 years ago! Well done.