Thursday, August 23, 2007

My day is winding down, I've just been sitting on the lounge watching Love Actually with Daniel...what an unreal movie, I could watch it over and over and over.

Got ourselves organised this morning for Cooper's upcoming 3rd birthday (next week) and organised his cake as well as paper and cards...Daniel wrapped all the presents today while Coop was at school...I think Daniel is more excited about all the toys than Cooper will be!! ;)

Worked for a few hours this arvo and before I knew it the day was gone.

Having a scrap day with my girlfriend Linda tomorrow, so looking forward to it! I told work that I wouldn't be available tomorrow...I've got my priorities right, thats for sure!! Hopefully I'll have some work to show off tomorrow afternoon....but that depends on the babies really. Linda & I had our babies three weeks apart and they always manage to keep us busy on what is meant to be a scrap day!


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