Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank you friends!

For all your lovely innocent little post on the forum and look at all the comments you left me! Means heaps, thanks so much, mwah!!

And just cause there are STILL more, here are some random 6x12 holiday layouts...

Thanks for visiting!! xx


  1. Getting in quick so we don't get another pity thread!! :-) Love you hun and your layouts are soo AWESOME, you're so on your Gold licence!!! xxxxxxxxxxx Feel the LOVE

  2. miss you on the savvy forum, holidays SOON so I can chat each day xxxxxxxx

  3. ohh cute 6x12s sar. love the tea cup one :)

  4. 11.30pm ATM and here I sit blog surfing again. I guess I could get up and scrap :)
    I absolutely adore this holiday album!

  5. Great layouts, Sar. You have certainly been busy! xoxo

  6. are these the layouts that you did with the end of your kit???
    awesome work babe!
    miss you mwah