Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kit layouts for December...

I had a play with each of the kits last night, managed one from each and love them all! Here's a look...

Watermelon Muncher using the December He's Savvy Kit - a super old photo of Cooper given to me recently by Mum, he's so little!

Our Littlest Boy using the December We're Savvy Kits - my littlest nephew Spike who is 1 1/2 now, this is back on the day he was born.

Brotherly Snuggle using the December She's Savvy Kit - one night when Georgie snuck into bed with Coop, so nice that they love eachother so much.

Think it was pretty amazing that I got three layouts done on a overbooked out crop night. Was a fab night with our first in store class here at Scrapbook Savvy taught by San, the girls all loved it and ended up with a fab layout that looked like this, which was done by San (of course, being her class) but using one of my photos.

Thanks everyone for coming, can't wait for the next one. I'm off to Delights really soon for another night with the girls. Hope your Saturday night will be as awesome as mine, its gonna be fun!


  1. Stunning work! Love your style! :D

  2. Cool that you got so much done and they look gorgeous!!
    Great to here the class went well.

  3. Wow, love them all, Sar!! Might just have to purchase the girl kit.....

  4. Gorgeous kit layouts, Sar. Can't wait to play with mine.