Friday, December 10, 2010

Kit scraps...

As Donna asked in my previous post's comments, the pages that I do for my holiday albums are all made from KIT SCRAPS.

In my obsessive organisation for my own scrapbooking, I have page kits galore (80+ page kits made up at the moment) in a massive tote bag, each usually made up of a Savvy kit or made up by me from a set of papers with matching cardstock, alpha, embellies etc...with a range of photos to match the kit.

When I get to the 'dregs' of the kit with only scraps left...but still enough to do SOMETHING with, I pull out my holiday albums which are generally 6x12 or 8.5x11 and do a page.

This means my holiday albums get a variety of papers used throughout, and I do get them done eventually (as I know I have a tendency to ignore the holiday albums otherwsie).

Just my tip for the day. :D


  1. hahahaha... you obsessive... NEVER!

    But I agree, it is a good way to use up the scraps! I try to use them to make cards too xx

    Donna xxx

  2. Great idea, Sar. Waste not, want not!!

  3. I have seen your page kits and you just amaze me babe how organised -more like ANAL about your scarpbooking organisation :) just amazing ..

    I only do page kits for-retreats and crops but should do what you do maybe I would tend to scrap more-lol

  4. sounds like a fab idea, Sar!

  5. Clever idea Miss Sar. Who would have thought those gorgeous pages were just scraps!
    I was never a big fan of 6x12, but I am loving your album.
    Might just sway me yet!

  6. That's a great idea Sar, I like to make up kits for my pages but never end up utilising the scraps!