Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Night With Jack Johnson

Oh my god, what a sensational night! Dan & I saw Jack Johnson in the Domain last night, and it was just awesome. I loved Jack's music already and we've seen him in concert once before, but this setting and outdoor concert just completed it for me! He was amazing, his stories and songs and lyrics and laughs and just everything!

This was the song that gave me & Dan goosebumps - Jack spoke about how he woke up on xmas morning and hadn't bought his wife anything, so wrote her this song instead.

Imagine that! The words in this song just make me & Dan look at eachother and smile - especially this bit:

"She could make angels
I've seen it with my own eyes
You gotta be careful when you've got good love
Cause the angels will just keep on multiplying"

Reminds us of our family and our wonderful little Bronte who surprised us and blessed us all at once with coming into our lives. :)

Here's us, enjoying our day and Jack on the big screen..

Another moment we totally loved was when Jack sang his version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - explaining that he really didn't like the ending of the original song and so added a new verse, just to teach his kids that you need to say sorry when you've done wrong by someone. It goes like this...

A night we'll never forget - thanks Jack! xx

And thank you as well to my beautiful friends for the accommodation voucher I was given for my 30th birthday last month, we used it last night and stayed at the Metro on Pitt Street, right in the heart of Sydney! Just perfect.


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous night!!

  2. Glad you both had a good night what a beautiful song and the rudolph one is awesome :)

  3. I am glad you had a great night honey!
    mwah xxxooo

  4. sounds like you had a great night. Ive seen jack to before, he was great! :)

  5. So glad you enjoyed it, Sar!! That version of Rudolf is sensational. I am going to play if for Jared when he gets home :)

  6. Very very envious Sar. I love Jack Johnson. I imagine it would have just been fabbo.