Saturday, January 10, 2009

Only a week later.... I sharing my LO's from our scrap day at Kellie's last weekend! I have had computer issues and uploading problems, we thought there was some sort of connection problem but guess what? The problem is my dodgy husband! He forgot to put a filter on the upstairs phone line, so my computer has been struggling for two weeks trying to differentiate between the phone line and the broadband. Men, I tell ya... ;)

Anyway, its all sorted now so here are my LO's from a week ago. I have more to show from today, but haven't taken pics yet so will do that soon.

We have had a massive week in the Ward household. Our Georgie girl turned 2 on Monday, although when asked she will say she's 3! We say 'how old?' with a questioning look on our face and she'll giggle and say 2! Funny girl. She had a magical day, with early presents, a party in the morning with her playgroup buddies, and a family get together in the evening. She was spoilt rotten and kissed & cuddled by everyone all day. THEN she had a cake at school on Thursday, just to celebrate with her little friends there.

Then yesterday was Daniel's birthday. He had to work afternoon shift, but we had a nice morning with him and bought him way too many pressies! Don't know how my new year saving/no spending budget is gonna deal with that...but oh well, he deserves it.

Apart from that, I've been busy trying to get my house organised, and so far have managed to get my ironing up to date and doing a little each day to keep on top of it, my house is semi-organised, beds are made each day, kitchen is clean, dining table is clear....all of this is progress for me! Now to focus on ME a bit more and this whole eating healthy and exercising thing...I start tomorrow, I promise! I hate saying that, its something I've done forever and gets me in this stupid mindset...but really, I will start again tomorrow after a shocking busy week of cake and takeaway... ;)

So back to the scrapping front, I've had a good week of competition wins. I won the December Sketch challenge at Anna's Craft Cupboard, which was an awesome prize of $35 credit with free postage, which I've spent already (and some!). I also won the December CC Sketch challenge at Bon's Scraps, by the lovely Peta. So some happy shopping to be done by me in Bon's shop again, can't wait!

Time for me to go and unpack all of my scrap stuff again, I'll try to be back before another week of this new year passes us by...



  1. Love all your layouts Sar,
    start tomorrow hey!!! I should walk/work out too you think i would working at a gym but never used it yet!!!
    Love ya lots, oh yeah and awesome wins this week!!

  2. You tell that girl of yours she shouldnt be growing up so fast, so adding another year on is just not a happening thing!!!!! Love the LO's