Sunday, January 11, 2009

More LO's

Another scrap day this weekend, at Kindra's place this time. You should've seen how nice and clean Kindra's house was when we got there...and with her cleaner still on holidays! Needless to say, it wasn't looking so crash hot when we left...after half a dozen kids pulled out every toy and every dress up they could find. Sorry babe! But thanks so much for opening your house to us....don't blame you if you don't want to do it again anytime soon! Hehe... ;)

So I pulled some inspiration from the January Pagemaps yesterday, it was hard to get much done or any mojo going with one eye on the kids all the time. This first page is my Georgie when she learned how to clap, and the journalling talks about a song my Mum has sung to all my kids when teaching them how to clap. They've all just loved it. Its so great seeing my mum with the kids, just lately she has been singing this same song with Bronte, and it always makes me smile.

This one I sort of got the idea from another Pagemaps sketch, but ended up going my own way with it. Daddy & Cooper building the sandpit, boys at work, in their element.

I was also working on something else for Inspired Blueprints, but can't show that one just yet...

A great day had here, just a quiet Sunday stuck at home without the car. Lots of jobs done around the house, and my buddy Amanda commented how nice it looked when she came up for dinner, so that was nice. Thanks darl, made me feel good! We had a quick pasta bake for dinner and played (or was that referee'd) with the kids. She just left a little while ago when it looked like a storm was going to hit, but I'm sure I'll talk to her again soon on msn when all the kids are finally sleeping. :)

Best go get the Coop-meister into bed, and then its my time so hopefully some scrapping can be done instead of just net surfing!



  1. thanx for popping bymy blog,,and i agree its always nice when someone appreciates your home and the effort you have put into cleaning it..

  2. wow...gorgeous work the multi photo one with the wheelbarrow is great