Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loz's stay...

...was a very eventful one. We had a great time, even though:-

- Chloe had to be taken to the medical centre on Monday and had bronchialitis.
- Georgia fell off the top bunk on Monday night and we had to call the ambulance (but she is fine, thank god).
- Loz got the bad news that she has to go back to full time work NEXT WEEK.
- Loz got really sick on Tuesday night with the bug my family had last week.
- Loz ended up having to stay a day longer as she was too sick to drive home.
- There was a HUGE spider in my house this morning, of course when Daniel was at work. Me and Loz were so brave (not!) and let my 4yo save our skins...
- Loz finally made it home this afternoon, and now Baby Chloe is sick with the bug.

OMG, seriously, it was eventful and not GOOD eventful, I don't think we could've had much else go wrong. I'm still glad i got to see her before she has to go back to work, as our visits aren't going to be as easy from now on. :( I hope Chloe is better for you soon, babe...

Somehow I did manage to get some scrapping in though, even if Loz didn't! Poor girl.

I took part in the Scrap of Difference Cybercrop this past weekend, if you're looking for a lovely forum you should have a look at SOD, the girls are so friendly and welcoming.

Challenge 1 had to be about 'firsts' and I did a page about Georgie's first time eating chocolate.

Challenge 2 was actually a funky Pagemaps sketch that I did a week or so ago, so I submitted that one with Jo's permission. Here's another look at it.

Another cool thing going on at Scrap of Difference is their new competition called Cook Up A Storm. Its a LO a week using a 'recipe' which is basically a list of ingredients (scrapbooking supplies) and step by step instructions on putting the layout together. Sort of like a blind scrap, I guess. This is Recipe 1, i have a few more to catch up on but luckily the due date isn't until 7 Feb for the first couple. I better get moving!

And here is my take on Recipe 3:-

I then did a page for Stuck Sketches, this is Sketch #70

I did a couple of just because pages, but one I've forgotten to photograph. Here's the other;...

And this is one of my all-time favourite LO's, I think because of its meaning to me as well as the actual layout itself. I am in total awe of Heidi Swapp, she is amazing. Check out the journalling card with her signature and message to me on it, cool eh!? Everything on this page is Heidi Swapp brand, except the chipboard which was especially made for the Heidi/Scraploot event, and the MM staples I've used.

I've also done some other things that you can't see just yet, you'll have to wait for February to start and head over to Mystical where we'll be doing some pretty cool stuff for the month of Feb.

So life is starting to get back to normal here, I'm a bit lonely now that Loz has gone (not that she was very good company anyway!! hehe!!), but Daniel is in bed already and its not even 9pm. Might have to scrap or something....

Time for me to go, its taken forever and day to do this mammoth post, talk soon.

PS. Forgot to say that I'm now up to 28 LO's so far for 2009!


  1. these are fabulous...such a great one of you and heidi..and great that she did the journalling for you...LOL

  2. we did have an eventful time hey!
    Loved all the scrapping you got done (whilst I was in bed! haha)

  3. Hi Sar, yes I missed your Heidi Swapp LO! Never mind - remind us when you put it back up and I can go and have a look then! Congrats, and sorry about your disastrous weekend!