Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bonus sketch @ Inspired Blueprints

This month we've given you a Bonus Sketch over at Inspired Blueprints! Make sure you check it out and give it a go. Here's my take, this time I had to do the 8.5 x 11 LO (which was TOTALLY not what I'm used to) and a card.

I've also done a LO for Stuck Sketches in the last few days, little bits at a time. This is Sketch #69, the first sketch for January.

Here is my take on the Colour Challenge at Mystical Scrapbooks, I LOVED the colours in this one, thanks Kell!

After a topic on the Mystical forum brought up how much we actually scrap, I've decided to keep a tally for 2009. So far I'm up to 20 layouts and 3 cards. Pretty good really considering its now the 24th Jan, I am only one behind a project each day! And I can blame that on being sick as a dog yesterday. I'll have to do two tonight and catch up! I'm going to keep my tally in the sidebar of my blog, if anyone is interested in keeping track.

I am very excited because tonight Loz is coming to stay! Its been touch and go, with my family being sick and Chloe being unsettled for Loz...but unless something unforeseen happens today, she'll be here tonight! Woo hoo!

But before that, we are off to my mum's today to celebrate my nephew Sid's 6th birthday. Cooper is very excited and I'm stoked that we're all better and can go, I never would've heard the end of it otherwise!

I forgot to tell you, I did a basic photography workshop with the very talented Janine Kaye last weekend, it was awesome and I learnt a heap. A lot more for me to learn though, and I'll definitely be booking into a further workshop with her sometime in the future.

Here is a pic I took of my beautiful niece Emma, using manual mode on my SLR, go me! I think I even kinda sorta got her catchlights... ;)

Thats it from me, hopefully I'll have LOTS to show in the next few days, as surely Loz & I will scrap up a storm. We will, I promise...even if we do have to look after the kids, chat about everything and have drinks together...we'll still scrap...hehe...



  1. Loving all your work Sar. Keep it up, you're on a roll with that many LO's already.
    Sorry to hear you've been crook but hope you're on the mend now.
    See you at Divas and Mystical :)

  2. I love 'I want this', it looks great!!

    That pic of your neice is lovely too sar...