Thursday, August 9, 2012

My head hurts...

My head hurts today.  I don't know if its stress, or that I'm run down, or my ever over thinking mind...
...or have I gone out in sympathy with my baby girl?

Last night as I was packing class kits and planning future classes at Savvy, I heard a massive crash and then a scream from the girls' bedroom as the children were getting ready to go to bed.  I ran so fast from the dining room I nearly tripped over myself going up the steps and as I turned to go into the girls' room out ran Georgia, we just about collided.  She was crying.  Hard.  Holding her head and her back all at once and jumping up and down.  She didn't know where to put herself and couldn't get anything of sense out of her mouth.

I sat on the floor and cuddled her, until she'd calmed enough to tell me what had happened.  The only explanation I could really get was that she'd fallen off the top bunk, as she was crawling into bed.  Backwards.  Oh my lord.

She landed straight on her head it seemed as a massive blue lump started growing on her forehead.  Above her temple but still close enough to worry me.  Cooper ran to get me ice (on his own accord mind you, clever boy).

As I sat very calmly telling her it'd be ok, icing her forehead, she kind of got tired all of a sudden.  Not limp, but very tired.  I knew straight away I had to get her checked out.  Cooper got shoes and dressing gowns for everyone, and I carried Georgia to the car.

I told Cooper to talk to her, to keep her awake.  He chatted to her all the way, asking her every question he could think of.  Whats your favourite colour?  What did you do at school today?  Whats your favourite dinner?  What country do you like in the Olympics?  And he'd tell her not to go to sleep in between.  Such a good boy, keeping a very close eye on her so I could focus on driving.

The medical centre was GREAT and got us in straight away, no wait at all. 

And guess what, she's fine.  A bump & a bruise and probably mild concussion, but she's ok.  A dose of panadol when we got home, and she slept peacefully through the night. 

I was in trouble for brushing her hair too hard this morning, and it hurt when she put her hat on, but she seemed ok so off she went to school.

An hour after school starts, I get THAT phonecall at work to say that Georgia isn't feeling well, her poor little head hurts.

I'm in the office on my own today, nothing I can do, so Grandma & Granded to the rescue!  They picked her up from school and she is now spending the day at Grandma's house...and Grandma seems to think she is her normal bouncy self, which I suppose is a good sign.  I guess falling off a top bunk onto your head is a good enough reason to pull a sickie from school as anything, right?!

No wonder my head hurts today.  I am feeling the struggles today of being the 'working mum' who just wants to be at home with my babies when they need me.  Its a tough gig some days. 

Do you struggle with this too?  Feel like you're being pulled from pillar to post, always having to wonder which option is best today and never being able to do everything you want to do?  I know this is 'life' but some days it all just seems so hard!


Here is Miss Georgia on a happier day a couple of years ago, getting her nails done with Mummy on my birthday!  I have used the Crate Paper Pretty Party range for this one, adding in some Purple Pumpkin twine and a super cute love heart button.

A close up of my journalling, layered with a massive cabachon that Peta gave me at retreat!

Hope your day is going a bit better than mine...someone, hand me the Panadol!


  1. That scary stuff is so hard. Glad to hear she seems OK tho and a lovely LO.

  2. Oh Sar, I feel your pain... I went back to work when we moved back to our home town, but with hubby wiring away, I quit. It was too much for me. Sick kids, sick me, resenting work when hubby was home, and also majorly resenting work in the school holidays. I am so so thankful to be able to be at home, I know it's not an option for everyone wether financially, and some Mums just need to work for the sanity it brings. I miss my work, I was in a Pharmacy, I really did love it, and I miss a lot of our regulars, and being down the centre of town and seeing so many people... But, right now, I'm where I need to be. And so are you. So thankful for our wonderful parents!! xxxxx

  3. hope you got through your day without any more dramas. Hope she is ok now! So hard being a working Mum. I feel so guilty when I have to miss things at school due to working. Lucky John or Mum can usually fill in but still doesn't make it any easier.

  4. Oh..I am so sorry she (and all of you) went through this bad experience...I've been there so I understand!! Gorgeous layout! I love the colors the choice of papers and embellies!! Just great!! And I was so happy to see you in SM magazine again this month!!!yeay!!!(I only have two issues but I guess you are in there every month right??Your work is super!!!)
    p.s.(You have word verification on!)