Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye Purple Pumpkin

Today marks a sad day for me as I have decided to leave the Purple Pumpkin Design Team after an awesome 17 months on the team, and over six months before that being a very proud Purple Pumpkin customer from the time that the Purple Pumpkin business was started.
Due to the new addition of the washi tape to the Purple Pumpkin store, I have unfortunately been forced to make the decision to step down from the team that I am coordinator for.

As most of you know, I run my own scrapbooking business Scrapbook Savvy and have done so now for over three years, and I stock all kinds of scrapbooking product from paper to alpha to embellishments, which at times includes washi tape. My local scrapbook store Scrapbooking Delights also sells washi tape, who I am just about in partnership with as we have an awesome working relationship. For me to point people in the direction of Purple Pumpkin instead of myself or my LSS now that they sell the same product as we do, would be a crazy move on my behalf as a business owner, as I am sure you can understand.

I am so sad this has had to happen, as you all know how much I love Purple Pumpkin's handmade products, the proof being that I use and promote PP on everything I do, even stocking the buttons in my Savvy kits in the past and selling Purple Pumpkin at retreat. There is no way around this though as this is a complete conflict of interest, and I have had to step down immediately.

Unfortunately the crossing over of handmade product into standard scrapbooking goods just isn't something that I can support and be a part of as a Design Team member, without sacrificing my own well being, and that of my store. 

It is so very important to support our online and local scrapbooking stores in their attempts to keep their businesses running.  Its not easy in this day and age of people being able to sell anything they like on Facebook and personal blogs...especially when businesses like me are trying to keep going with business loans, advertising, insurances, web maintenance & hosting, the list goes on.

And local stores, lets face it...if we lose them, where do we go for retreats, crops & classes and how do we actually SEE and TOUCH all of the new products that we love so dearly?

Anyway, not here for a rant, just here to explain to my followers and customers why I have had to make this decision and ask for your continued support of myself, my business and my blog.

Thanks for reading!


  1. So perfectly said Sarah!! You will always have my support.

  2. One must always do what is best for ones self over anything else.
    You have enjoyed your PP work but it is now time to put that time into something which is growing fast - SAVVY!!!You have a wonderful business with great support.
    Onward and upward xxx

  3. That must have been a hard decision in some ways. I have loved seeing what you have done with your PP products but can totally understand where you are coming from. You always have to make the right choice for you, your future and your family. Take care xx

  4. Totally understandable, Sar!! You do what's best for you and your business :-) :-)

  5. Good luck Sar with everything you do! I am sure it was a tough decision but a logical one as well! I'll be visiting your blog as I love your work and thanks for your kind wishes for my new job!

  6. So totally understand where you r coming from as it is hard once a store has closed it is gone - I now have to drive 2 hrs to my nearest store but Support them I will and they look after me knowing I come that far...Keep up the good work!!!!!