Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mojo Debrief...

All I can say is...o.m.g! What a weekend!!

Can't remember the last time I had so much fun. From the winery & chocolate shop visit on Thursday to the five minute photo session on Sunday...everything in between and more. Best.time.ever.

Highlights for me in point form...

- Scrapping with Loz on Wednesday night, the first time in two years she has played with paper and glue.
- Close to $100 spend at the Smelly Cheese Shop with Peta & San, totally worth it!
- Being held accountable by San's team of army men all weekend.
- Seeing Anne-Marie Cox flash her tits...and having the photos to prove it!!!!
- Meeting the gorgeous and totally lovely Lou Nelson, talk about one amazing woman.
- Laughing with and teasing our mushy Lisa Oxley all weekend, so good to scrap with her again after all this time, and having her put a layout together just for me.
- Cheese & wine picnic on the floor of the sewing room with Peta at 12:13pm on Saturday.
- Cracking up with the Tassie girls, god love 'em.
- Watching Marelle grab her crotch on the Glee stage, nothing better!!
- Witnessing Jo Kinder create a handmade chook for Sherry and bring down the house with the 'knock knock motherf***er' blog reference.
- Escorting our drag queen Shazza from her dressing room to the stage in the dark.
- Watching Anne-Marie impersonate her son running at 2am totally pissed, never laughed so much in my life!
- Keeping Peta awake from 2-4am two out of three nights (nah, that wasn't really a highlight but just had to rub it in again!).
- Having the.most.awesome.photo.EVER taken by Loz on Sunday when she stopped in for a visit.
- Competing in the scrap session comp of the century with Peta and getting a total of 31 layouts scrapped, what its all about!
- Driving home and rehashing it all with San, bit by bit.

And lots more as well, which I'll pop up as I remember them....so much buzzing around my head after four days with such amazing, creative, like-minded women!

Now only eight weeks to the Savvy Delights Retreat - be quick if you haven't booked in yet, guaranteed to be another howler of a weekend!

Here's a few pages of the 31 pages I got done, these ones being for some of the Mojo Challenges over the weekend. Don't ask me exactly what the challenges were, I have no idea now...

Big Girl Bed - little Bronte becoming a big girl when we took the sides off her cot, using the Paper Doll range from Bella available at Scrapbooking Delights.

And a closeup of my journalling.

Aunty Leesh's Girl - Georgie with my bestie & her godmother Alicia.

Down On The Farm - Georgie, so little, at the i98fm Convoy For Kids day out enjoying the farm animals.

Lots more to come, I promise! I think about another 10 blog posts to be exact!

Thanks for visiting. xx


  1. All gorgeous Sar.... love the Bronte's big girl bed one!

  2. Gorgeous work Sar, so jealous of your weekend away, that pic that was taken is GORGEOUS and you are looking amazing!!

  3. sounds like everybody had a fabulous time ... I work with Louise at Seriously Scrapbooking here in Adelaide .. she loved it .. hugs x

  4. Great pages Sar, I especially love the big girl bed one (you inspired me enough that I had to go and buy some of this range from San!).