Thursday, July 28, 2011

6 x 12 Holiday Share

So I finally pulled some more of my 'little pages' out to scrap of our holiday pre-Bronte.

There was some 'dispute' at Mojo during the Sar vs Peta scrap session as to whether these were actually counted seeing as they were only really half a page...but the lovely Peta decided that seeing as I was SO FAR BEHIND she would let it roll...thanks PJ, mwah! ;)

Kenny The Koala - Dan & his sis Kaz with all the kids, having a photo with Kenny The Koala at Dreamworld, just like they did when they were little.

Its A Shark - its a bit dark, but there is Coop looking at the shark, and just loving how close he is!

Jaws of Death - blowing out at how little Cooper was in this one!

Relax - my absolute FAVE photo from this holiday, of the polar bear at Seaworld just chilling out, god love him.

Thanks for visiting, back with more tomorrow!

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