Wednesday, July 27, 2011

52 Week Share...

The first on the list while away on the weekend was to catch up on my 52 Weeks album once again! I'm all caught up to the week before Long Point, so less than a month to do now (and I'll have to get those pages sorted soon!).

Week 16 - Roadtrip, me & Dan in front of the 3 Sisters in the Blue Mountains on our way to QLD for our family holiday.

Week 17 - Crop Day, in my hotel room while holidaying on the Gold Coast, scrapping with the gorgeous QLD girls Renee, Crystal, Anne & Sara.

Week 19 - The Scrapboom, the week I moved the Savvy store back into my scraproom and gave my family their space back :)

Week 20 - Georgia's First Eisteddfod, my girl all made up and looking WAY too grown up, ready for her first eisteddfod with the Entertainment Troupe for her 'sugar cube dance' (as she calls it).

Week 22 - Fun Run, the first time ever I ran 5km non stop thanks to the encouragement of my bestie Linda.

Week 22 (but should be Week 23, doh!!!) - Baby Jack, my friend Amy's new baby boy, so cute.

Thats the share for today, still orders to pack and nearly my bedtime, catch ya soon!!


  1. Awesome pages Sar! Loving the use of the You're Savvy kit (at least it looks like that kit LOL). Must catch up on my 52 weeks soon. I've got in a bad habit of not doing the pages in order ... so have big gaps in the album! LOL

  2. Great to see you have nearly caught up Sar! Love them all...