Sunday, November 21, 2010


I've done 377 layouts this year, what the?! That is a LOT of scrapbooking and I have well and truly outdone my total from last year. My friend Sandra would say 'its quality not quantity' but I'm happy that these photos are scrapped and their stories written down....and she's just jealous anyways!! ;P

While I was sorting my photos and folders of layouts, I realised that there are still a lot I haven't shown off. So here's a couple, just because. Bronte girl on the day she refused to take her Snow White outfit off before going to daycare! I think this one started from a blind scrap over at SFS, but I kind of went off on a tangent.

G & O - a just because layout using the leftovers from Lisa's Class at the Savvy Delights Retreat this year.

Speaking of retreat, are you thinking about coming along next year? There is more info over in the forum and deposits are being taken to secure your spot.

See you soon!


  1. holy Crap Sar.... that is an awesome amount of LO's! I wouldnt have a clue how many I have done as I dont photograph all of mine..maybe I should do that for next year...and I see quantity and quality hun xx
    love Donna xxx

  2. Wow that is quite impressive, I would be lucky to have done a quarter of that! Well done.