Tuesday, November 23, 2010


'Friendship must never be buried under the weight of misunderstanding.' - Sri Chinmoy

I've had a rough couple of days. Not something I can (or want to) go into here, but something that I hope will be resolved as quickly as it came about. Friends, please remember, email and internet are not the way to go about communicating serious matters and problems. Words get mistaken, tones not known, and everything can be taken totally out of hand. Don't make the mistake of not picking up the phone and resolving things, before you know it - its too late.

I will try to cheer up this miserable post with some scrapping...

Here's one I did with the crop girls today using the BRAND NEW Sketches 2 Scrapbook iphone application, if you own an iphone you should seriously check it out, its UNREAL! This is Sketch #2. No photos on this one as you can see, but instead I've used one of the sweet little love notes Cooper brings home from school regularly from his little friend Charlotte.

And this one just because, of me at my sister's 40th birthday which was an art theme. I went as Andy Warhol's pop art version of Marilyn. Maybe not such a good look in hindsight, lol!

Till next time, be safe. :)


  1. OMFG! that photo of you at Nic's party is freaking hilarious.. sorry honey lol
    ahh... charlotte is one lucky girl to be sending my Coop love letters...i would too if i was ummm...10 years younger pmsl

    I know what you mean about the lack of one on one communication that seems to be the way of the times... I too have been caught in a trap where it is easier to type it than say it and I have learnt the hard way (as you know) :( i hope that what ever is troubling you honey is resolved soon
    love you
    Donna xxxx

    ps... that Iphone app rocks!!!!!

  2. i think in this day we are all guilty of the lazy techno type of communication - and unless you can read into ones typing then yes words & tones get mistaken... I too hope whatever has happened resolves itself fast - if you need to 'tak' you know where I am :)

    as for the pages - GREAT work as always.... funny photo!!!

  3. hope things sort themselves for you soon, Sar. Love the layout with the love letter! So cute. Wake care, Deb xx