Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The new me!

The new WORKING me! I trained on Tuesday with a gorgeous girl called Carley (who just happens to be a member of the Savvy forum already and we have lots of common friends, which had us blowing out all day!) and officially started my job today. I have to say, it feels great! As much as I'm missing being at home with my babies....its actually nice to miss them and rush home to them in the afternoons, instead of wanting to run away by 5pm. Getting dressed nicely, putting on heels, doing my hair and putting on some makeup is SO damn nice. And the lunchbreak...omg, I had forgotten how nice it is to have an actual lunchbreak! I have to say I think I've been very lucky to have this job come my way and I sincerely have to thank my wonderful friends for referring me. Love it when things turn out great like this...just karma's way of showing me I'm making the right decisions in my life and am reaping the benefits for it. :)

Speaking of which, I must take a photo tomorrow of me all ready for work for my 52 week album. Remind me, will you! ;)

Ok...some scrapping...what haven't I shown you yet? Let me look...

Ooooh, the November He's Savvy Kit! It once again sold out on the first day, but for all those out there who want some inspiration (yes Kell, I'm talking to you!) then here they are!

This one was the Retreat Sketch at SFS.

Some phone photos of Dan's of a shopping trip with the kids, and the inevitable visit to the playcentre at Westfield.

I adore these photos and have been hanging onto this mower from Memory Maze for ages just waiting to scrap these!

A just because of Dan & Coop kicking the footy.

And Cooper's first indoor soccer match, mixed the kit up with some stickers I found at Scraploot.

Not much actual scrapping here with my busy week, but hopefully I'll get into some on the weekend. Hope you're all having a fab week and thanks for visiting!


  1. hey can't wait to meet the NEW YOU!!! congrats babe - so happy that things are falling into place.... we are the lucky ones arent we :)))

  2. you go girl! I am glad that things are going great for you honey! give my kids a kiss and cuddle for me mwa!

  3. I can hear the 'Happy' in your typing! Congrats on your job Sar, I know exactly what you mean about enjoying the kids more.
    You deserve every bit of happiness and contentment.
    Love all of your pages!!

  4. wow..been busy! Love the layouts and the way you have used the kit for neutral layouts. good work.