Monday, February 8, 2010

Some More of Me!

Here's the latest pages of me...

Week 2 (because the last Week 2 page I did was actually Week 3, had my dates all wrong!). This page is about me meeting my gorgeous cousin (well, kinda cousin) Donna, on my QLD holiday.

Why kinda cousin, you ask? WELL, its a funny story actually...

Donna had been a customer since I bought Savvy, and then we became friends on the Savvy forum. Soon after we became Facebook friends. One day Donna messaged me on FB to say that I was 'friends' with her cousin. I replied saying 'ummm, no....thats my cousin!'. Long story short, Donna is my Uncle's niece....SO, we're kinda cousins! Cool huh? What a small world though, it amazes me all the time.

And this one is all about Cooper starting school, and Mummy having to say goodbye to her little boy.

Another Savvy crop coming up this Thursday, let me know if you'd like to join us! :)


  1. look at that brave boy saying good bye! love the layout!! love the kinda cousins story as well. Love when god puts lil suprises in life like that!

  2. loving your 'about me' pages Sar

  3. awesome work Sar! who is that sexy chick in that photo with you lol!

  4. fantastic LO's Sar, great idea for the "about me" book :)