Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy busy!

Between a crop day, a crop night, normal daily routine and LOTS of new product arriving at Scrapbook Savvy, its been one crazy week and I really don't know how it just disappeared before my eyes! :s

But its all good, I'm loving every minute of what I do...just wish I had a few more hours in my day! The exercise went a bit astray this week, just ran out of time unfortunately which makes me sad. A new week will be here before I know it though, so will just aim to improve that aspect of things.

And scrapping, well I've managed a bit with the crops this week and think I still have some I haven't showed from LAST weekend. Might spread it into a couple of posts so as not to bore you all too much... ;)

Week 6 of my 52 Weeks of Me, this week talking about the fitness group I go to and how much I really do enjoy it when I make the time to go.

Week 7, me & my gorgeous friend Peta, loved our time together last weekend and CAN'T WAIT to see her in a month at Kate's retreat (or before maybe, depending on babies being born, Loz up there and Emily down here).

Cybercrop pages from last week's Love Cybercrop @ Scrapbook Savvy, we had a ball!

This one was Kayla's Challenge in which you had to write a love letter to someone on a page, mine is to my two best friends Alicia & Linda.

Anthea's challenge which was a Choc Strawberry colour theme (or you could choose Choc Mint) and had to include the classic title from Forrest Gump about life being like a box of chocolates.

And I would've had my blind challenge page to show off, but it was snapped up by Scrapbooking Memories before I even had a chance to show the girls on the forum!!

Hope everyone has a scrappy weekend planned, as usual I do and am looking forward to another night with the girls after the kidlets are in bed tonight.

Bye for now,


  1. Love em, Love em, Love em... twas a lovey weekend!!!!

  2. loving all your work Sar
    that sunset photo looks like a CHarlie's Angels promo...HOT HOT HOT