Monday, February 22, 2010

Do you ever have those weeks....

...where you just don't feel right? A bit off, like the world is spinning around you, like it all doesn't make sense?

I'm having one of those weeks, nothing seems to click and everything is an effort. Not sure why, I'll get through it, just wish its over as quickly as it started.

On a lighter note, some scrapping.

This is a just because layout from our QLD holiday in 2008, slowly getting through them. Just got the 2010 QLD holiday printed, so I best get my butt moving!!!

And the monthly sketch over at Anna's Craft Cupboard, love how this one turned out, always love the sketches over there, especially since Wendy has been creating them!

And lastly the most recent Stuck Sketch for which I'm a sponsor this month, using the He's Savvy kit from Scrapbook Savvy, of which there are still a few available! Gorgeous colours this month based around the BG Origins range, one of my fave ranges from BG of late!

Thats it from me today, hope your week has started off better than mine, it can only pick up from here eh! :)


  1. hope you are feeling better soon Sar :o)

  2. Chin up'll get through this. We all have days (weeks/months) like these. {{hugs}}

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  4. aww sar, i hope you are feeling all good soon hun, I know how you feel i've been having one of those weeks too, nothing seems to be working for me atm. But all in good time. Your layouts are truly amazing babe. Take care. xxx

  5. if having an off week has anything to do with your creativity...I can't imagine what your pages look like on an UP week...These are great...Have had several "not right with the world" weeks myself!!! Hang in there!!!

  6. im hearing you babe!!!! {{{HUGS}}}
    love those pages - esp the holiday one - you rock those 6x12s!!!!

  7. I hope you feel better sar.
    I hate those days and like lisa said (weeks/months LOL)
    Love your LO's honey. Im always inspired

  8. Love your LO's Sar, hope things improve for you real soon!!