Sunday, February 14, 2010

Savvy Delights Night Out!

A few happy snaps from Friday night...

We were putting yummy hibiscus flowers in our wine, isn't this photo of San holding her glass just amazing! She is going to use it for this week's 52 page.

All of us (with the cute waiter 'Ben')

Me & Pj

Sandra & Di at the Harp

Me & Erin (aka Ezz)...we've been friends since kindergarten, and then she started coming to crops with Megan! Small world eh...

Thanks again girls for an AMAZING night!

Peta is here with me for the whole weekend, with all the kids, and everyone is having a ball! I'm loving Peta's company and the kids have been having so much fun...oh, except when Cooper punched Cj in the face, but we won't go there! ;)

We have a very romantic Valentines Day dinner husbands and scrapbooking after, of course!!!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, blog readers, hope you've been spoilt. xoxo


  1. Oh it looks like such a ball! Did the flowers do anything to the tastte? I have been eyeing them off at the store!

  2. Yep they did Sarah, they sweeten it up, you'll definitely have to give it a try!!! xoxo

  3. it sure was a GREAT night out and an AWESOME weekend - when can we do it again????