Saturday, January 23, 2010

Layout Catchup

Just a couple I scrapped while on holidays that I haven't posted yet!

This one is an old Stuck Sketch, I think from October. Miss Emma...the scrapping machine!

And this one was a Becky Higgins sketch from a recent CK Mag.

I headed downstairs tonight after we FINALLY got the kids to bed after the excitement of my nephew Sid's birthday...I was in two scrap? Or to put away the massive pile of layouts that was sitting on the scrap desk waiting for me. So what did I do? Can you guess? I scrapped! Hehe!!

I'll show you tomorrow, another 6x12 for my '08 QLD Holiday Album. Maybe I'll put those layouts away tomorrow... ;)


  1. I think scrapping is always teh better choice! I adore these layouts the ice block one is just magical!

  2. 1 LO was enough for me. I was just too tired - a lucky I went to bed when I did cause Oli was up 3 times during the night gggrrrr