Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello from the sunny Gold Coast!

Well here I am, holidaying it up on the Gold Coast with the family, having a fab time. Today was made even better by having a scrap day with the gorgeous Donna (my kinda cousin!) and Sara. Its amazing to meet girls I talk to online every single day in real life. I had a fab day, got four layouts done, and could've spent sooo much more time with them. Pity it went so fast, but so thankful for the time that we DID have. xoxo

Here we are, thanks Dan for taking a pic of us altogether.

I can't show them all, but here are a couple of layouts I finished today.

This was the last blind scrap held at Scrapbooking From Scratch, I couldn't do it on the day as I was heading off on holidays, but managed to get it done today together with Sara & Donna and they both LOVED it. Thanks Peta!

And this one, which is the monthly sketch over at SFS and ALSO the Scrap The Girls challenge....two birds with one stone, nothing better!

So far we've only done the one theme park but it is only our third full day here, we're hoping to do another tomorrow. Wait and see what the weather is doing before we decide on either Wet & Wild or Seaworld. Dan had a fab b'day yesterday, we spent the day at Movieworld and had a ball.

Here he is on the little train ride with his baby girl. Such a good daddy. :)

Cooper & The Flash - Coop was VERY excited about having his photo taken with him.

Georgie was so excited to be a big girl and go on a ride with Cooper right at the end of the day, and he was such a good big brother...holding her hand, helping her get on and just being there with her.

And here is the AWFUL view we're looking at all day....sad life, isn't it? ;)

Till I get a chance to blog again, thanks for visiting me dear bloggers, and talk to you soon. xoxo

OH, and I nearly forgot to tell you....we're having a 'Cats Away Sale' at Scrapbook Savvy which started yesterday and is happening for ten days. 25% off storewide! You just have to wait till I return from holidays to post your order....but definitely worth it to get such a great discount on everything in store (excluding kits, steals & vouchers). Remember how much awesome new stock I've been getting in lately? Well its all on sale, so head on over and check it out!


  1. wow wow wow wow wow wow

    the pics are awesome - the pages stunning and the VIEW!!!! OMG!!!

    wish i was there :)

  2. Glad you all had a great day scrapping. Love your photos, but the view from the room is giving me vertigo. LOL

  3. so glad youre having a great time babe you so deserve it .:)

    love those views -:)

    wish I was there scrapping today too :(

    see you soon..

    btw tom said hes coming tomorrow to visit you -lol you know those base jumpers when there is height well it has to be jumped -lol


  4. Wow so jealous! I wanna go back there! Have a ball. The layouts are fab!!

  5. WOw. Awesome pics and you girls all look gorgeous. How cool that you all got to scrap together.

    Love your view...definitely a hard life.


  6. Love the piccie of you with Donna and Sara, sounds like you had a great day!!
    OMG love your STG LO, make sure you email it to me :)

  7. Sounds like you are having a fab holiday Sar!!! Love your pages :-)....enjoy the rest of your time :-)

  8. Such fabulous photos Sar and love your pages.

    You are a very lucky girl, can ya tell I am totally jealous!

  9. I am thinking you should stop rubbing it in... KIdding, glad you guys are having fun - relax and enjoy babe... mwah xx