Friday, January 29, 2010

Its got me...

...the bug that has been going around me for a week, that is. Everyone has had it - Bronte, Georgie, Emma, my sis, my BIL...I thought I was homefree...but NO! There I was, sitting at Sandras getting ready for a fun filled night of scrapping when it hit me. I thought I felt off because I forgot to have lunch and haven't eaten much today...but no, definitely the bug. Was sick in the car on the way home, luckily I'd picked up a plastic bag on the way out of Sandras or things could've been VERY messy. :(

So here I am, lying on my bed with my laptop. The kids are at Mums. Dan is at work. Its very lonely which would otherwise be lovely...but not when I'm feeling crappy AND sad because I have such a big weekend planned with my friend Deslie's 40th on Saturday night and then Linda's little boy Jared's 3rd birthday on Sunday morning. Fingers crossed it passes quick.

So brighten the mood, here's a layout. A just because for my 2008 QLD Holiday album, another 6x12.

And something else cheery are February Kits being released in just three sleeps! Here's a sneaky peek if you haven't already seen them in the forum or newsletter.

February He's Savvy

February She's Savvy

February We're Savvy

Remember, with Lisa's recent resignation from Savvy this is the last We're Savvy kit she has designed. :( The other two gorgeous kits were designed, as usual, by Sara.

Hope to see you in the store on the 1st. :)

And hope I'm better by then.... *sigh*


  1. hope your better soon Sar!! its always the way though that we get sick when we really dont need it, and it always misses the men!!

  2. hope you are feeling better this morning - you poor thing...

    love the Koala page!!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better by now, nothing worse than those bugs!!!

    I am only new to your blog, I found it through Donna's blog!!! And I have just signed up to your shop.

    Love your LO's they are so cool, Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. you poor baby :( hope you get over it quickly!!
    Love your koala LO, so cute!! looking forward to seeing the full kits on the 1st!

  5. I do so hope that you're better today Sar :(, and how cute is that koala LO :)

  6. oh, hope you feel better soon.
    HUGS in kicking those bugs!

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  8. Hey hun... look how little Coop is in that Koala LO... to think from then til now starting big school.... Decisions, decisions on the kits too....hhhhmmmmmm