Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The World is Orange!

Well it was this morning when I woke up! After the massive duststorm that swept across NSW, the whole world looked orange and there was a strange feeling across the dawn here.

The wind swept the orange away fairly quickly, but left behind is a dusty cover over everything in sight. The car, the house, the table on the balcony. Now we need a big rain to get rid of it all!

So an inside day was had here, and let me tell you I can't wait for the kids to all go to daycare tomorrow! ;)

Here's the one and only layout I finished at yesterday's crop @ Savvy, my nephew Adam celebrating his 17th birthday earlier this year. He's a bit of a spunk, eh!

Happy hump day...only two more days till the weekend! :)


  1. awesome colours in the LO :) great mix of products too - love it!

  2. I think we might all be scrapping some weird weather LOs with our collection of orange photos. It was definitely a strange day!!!
    P.S love your LOs from the last week.

  3. The layout is fabulous Sar.
    Awesome photo!!