Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Fathers Day @ Grandad's

It went like this...

Photos & presents with Grandad

And beer for Grandad of course

Cuddles with Grandma

Some bike riding

And some falling off!

Prune & Chocolate Brownies made by Nic - divine!!

And then it ended with this when Coop & Uncle Rob were playing footy...

But Georgie missed all the excitement!

And that was Fathers Day, a great day which would've been even better had DH not had to work. :( When he got home at 7.30pm last night he was greeted by three kids sitting at the top of the stairs with the little cards and gifts they'd made at preschool, and that was enough for him! :)


  1. They are awesome pics Sar!! rofl at you falling off the bike, VERY graceful!!!! oops at the window....

  2. I hope there were no serious injuries by falling off the Actually you did well to ride, I am sure I wouldn't be able to.....

  3. love how the sequence of photos tell a story.