Monday, September 14, 2009

Not much to show...

Can't show much today as one of my layouts over the weekend was from Lisa's Blind Scrap @ Savvy on Saturday night and we're not showing those until Wednesday. The instructions are still up in the forum so head on over and give it a go.

Another was a future sketch for Inspired Blueprints so can't show that either...

So here's what I can show and its appropriate to show it today. This is my friend Kellie's little boy James, who is in hospital at the moment with high temps. Thinking of you guys and hoping your boy is home soon. xoxo

Not much else to tell, have been catching up on paperwork and figures for Savvy tonight, omg what a big job. Note to self:- Don't EVER leave paperwork for over two months again, it really isn't worth it... **sigh**

Bye for now,

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