Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend of Sickness & Scrapping

OMG, I'm so sick...I have the sorest throat ever, its swollen as and the doctor put me on antibiotics yesterday. I have headaches and I have a mouthful of ulcers...and theres more, I'm falling apart! Basically I'm rundown and need to start taking better care of myself... :(

I was starting to get sick over the weekend but figured if I scrapped and ignored it I would be fine...not so! At least some pages got done though. :) Here they are.

A just because page of Cooper giving Daniel his fathers day present two years ago, so cute.

An old xmas page that I had been putting off (as we do with all xmas photos, eh!). I used a Pagemaps sketch and the brand new Cosmo Cricket Jolly By Golly range that you'll find in the Scrapbook Savvy store.

And another 6x12 page for the holiday albums, loving how quickly this size comes together! Used October Afternoon Road Map for this one, one of my fave ranges at the moment.

And this double of Cooper's 2007 school photos that I've obviously been putting off...have edited for privacy reasons. :)

Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday...mine will be as soon as I can get myself back into bed!


  1. you poor thing Sar :( hope you feel better soon! love the layouts, they are all awesome!

  2. hope you're feeling better soon Sar. all of those LO's are looking fab! I love the 12x6, it's been forever since i did one of those!


  3. hey sar!!
    Hope you feel better really soon!!
    im hoping to see you on Friday at delight!!!
    cheers Renee

  4. Rest up Sar & let those drugs do their work on you!!!
    Love the LOs.

  5. Hope that sore throat goes away soon. {Hugs}

  6. OMG I love those pages - keep going I need heaps to scrap lift when I get down there heehee!!!!

  7. Hope you start to pick up soon - love the 6x12 - it's my fav for this lot - Coopers school LO is cute too - love how they gave you all the individual pics.