Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The latest from Professor Cooper

Bit of background - my 17yo nephew has been known in our family as 'Professor Adam' for quite some years now. Since he started being so wise, and knowing everything, as all teenagers do really. His little cousin, my 4yo son Cooper, seems to be following in his footsteps already. Arguing things to beyond the point, giving you THAT look like you're a total idiot, and basically coming out with the most hilarious things that he honest to god thinks are the truth.

The latest from Professor Cooper, as he and his 2yo sister Georgia were lying in bed tonight, Cooper on the top bunk and Georgia in the bottom bunk. I was in the bathroom colouring my hair, trying not to piss myself laughing.

C: Georgie
C: Georgia
C: Georgieeeeee....
G: What?!
C: Do you know what I can do?
G: (no answer)
C: Do you know what I'm doing RIGHT NOW, Georgie?
G: What?
C: Do you know I can still talk when my eyes are closed?!
G: (no answer, obviously thinking, you idiot!)
C: I'm talking with my eyes closed, see Georgie, my eyes are closed and I can still talk!!
G: (nothing, she couldn't give a toss!)
Me: Standing in the bathroom cacking myself as quietly as I could!

If only I were as clever as you, Professor Coop! :)


  1. Too funny Sar, it's the little things in life that are often the best hey?

  2. bahahaha! Too funny!! I love things kids come up with. We like to call Seth "Captain Obvious"! lol.