Saturday, August 1, 2009

35 Layouts for July!

Can you believe I scrapped that much this month?? I equalled my record for February...which was before I bought the store. I never thought I'd be able to keep scrapping this much with the business...but I guess its all about priorities and how much I still WANT to scrap, eh? :)

Its been a gorgeous day here in Wollongong today, started off for me with a major sleep in after the Savvy crop last night. After picking the kids up from Mum's, Em & I headed into the beach with them and met Kaz & the kids for a walk, coffee & play. Home for sleeps and then out again this afternoon for my friend Amanda's little boy Riley's 5th birthday party. The kids had a ball and were worn out enough for me to have them in bed BEFORE 8pm, lucky me!

Right now Juz & Em are here, they're scrapping and I am packing more page kits for Melbourne...only five more sleeps till the Bon's Retreat, I can't wait!

Anyhoo, here are the last three layouts for July, all done at the crop last night and all 'just because'.

Daniel pushing the pram and putting baby Bronte in the car when we were leaving the hospital to come home.

Georgie and her 'Kola' bear.

And Bronte again, another big photo that I've been putting off for too long, but is now finally done.

Its a minute to midnight and I'm ready for bed, hope you're having an awesome weekend, make the most of whats left of it!


  1. Man that is a good effort for you!! This month should be a beauty as well with two retreats in the same month!!

  2. HOLY COW Sar!!! That is an awesome record. Can't believe I don't keep track of my layouts, you have inspired me now and got me interested, I must get to counting LOL!!!

  3. I only know Tiff cause I photograph each layout and so just check my layout folder during the month to see how much I've done!

  4. Oh beautiful! Love the "Kola" one especially! Good to hear ur still scrappy, cant imagine it'd be easy to juggle a store with everything else on ur plate!


  5. WOW Sar, they are all stunning, love the going home with daddy one SO beautiful....YAY 3 sleeps till we go!!

  6. are a scrapping machin Sar!!!!!!!