Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally - Retreat Pics!

Thanks to my gorgeous friend Loz for sending me the photos from the Scrapbooking Delights retreat last weekend - they turned out awesome!!!!

We had so much fun, laughs with friends, its a weekend I'll never forget. Thanks for the awesome time, girls! Can't wait to do it again next year...but next year is going to be a combined Scrapbooking Delights/Scrapbook Savvy retreat, how great will that be! Head over to this thread in the Savvy forum if you're interested in joining us and finding out more details...

All of us! (This one was taken by the owner of the retreat place.)

Me & Tiff Sawyer - was awesome to meet you IRL for the first time Tiff! You're a gorgeous girl, can't wait to catch up again soon. xoxo

Me & Lisa Warren - without your help I'd be lost, thanks for being a friend and for helping me out with kits, ideas & all your gorgeous work.

Me & Loz - its never enough time together is it hun, you better come down and visit me really soon!

Me & Kindra & Leesh - Kindra is Alicia's neighbour and I can't imagine her not being a part of our world now! Love spending time with you & the kids, scrapping, quilting, just hanging out, whatever!

Me & my besties - Leesh & Linda.

Me & Hayles & Kel - omg these girls are so much fun! Hayles, you just crack me up, I know I can always rely on you for a laugh. And Kel, we've been through so much together and have come out it such good friends, can't imagine it any other way. xoxo

And some layouts from my weekend, here goes...

This photo was taken last time I visited Loz, we had an unreal scrap day with Peta & Kate. Gorgeous girls, can't wait for the next time. And girls...I just had to use the big ass bird to tease you...rofl! Oh, I took inspiration for this page from Kim Arnold, thanks for letting me lift you Kim!

My take on Lisa's sketch challenge from the last Savvy CC.

My gorgeous niece Chloe at Cooper's Fire Station B'day Party last year. I used the new To The Rescue range for this, just perfect for all those fire pics I have of the kids.

Crazy eyes Bronte!

This is the 3rd time I've scrapped this pic. One for me, one for Cooper's album and one for Georgie's album! Love it.

I totally scraplifted ANOTHER page from Peta, and proud to admit it! I could lift this girl on every layout, I reckon...

When we got to the retreat we received a challenge kit and had to do a page using the products in the kit. Here's mine. Love the bow.

Woah, another massive post! If you're still reading, thanks for visiting and go leave me some love!

Oh and I need to say a big CONGRATS to my hubby Daniel, his team won the Southern Mines Rescue Competition for the second time in three years. Awesome job babe, you make me proud. Better luck next year Dendrobium. ;)

Cheers, Sar


  1. Great retreat photos, Sar. I want to be in the frame next year.

  2. AWESOME pages babe!!!
    cant wait for Pjs retreat to spend more time with all Hunter girls and you of course-:)

    you should update every day :)


  3. Great pics!!!
    I just wanna know where the bum pics are????? LOL

  4. Lol Hayles, there is a cool bum pic...but i'm not putting it here!!!

  5. I love those pics in the frame....that's a great idea!

  6. Hey Sar,

    Great pics - love the layouts too...

    I saw the frame being used and wondered how the pics would turn out - awesome effect...

    Thanks heaps and can't wait for thr next one...



  7. wow - wow - wow - love this post !!!!

    so cant wait til you guys are here!!!

  8. I read all the way to the end and I'm so inspired by all your pages, gorgeous work as always Sar.

  9. GORGEOUS photos of the retreat Sar, looks like you all had an awesome time!!! LOVE your LOs, especially the one of US even with the big ugly bird, you shit stirrer ROFL xxx Love you too gorgeous

  10. I need copied of those pics... Will email Loz I think....

  11. Wow, I have loved reading this post and looking at all the pics of the retreat and yes, the frame is awesome. Your little man and mine are soooooo close, Billy's birthday is Sept 1 and he was 5 too. Labour couldn't have been that bad Sar as you went back another 2 times LOL. Hope it got easier for you the other 2 times and that is lovely about Daniel's mum and the birth, very special, chat soon sweet one, Tiff xx.