Thursday, December 8, 2011

*WARNING* Girly post ahead!

Well our big concert weekend went off without a hitch. The girls had a fab time, the Wonderland show was absolutely AMAZING and Georgie even walked away with her own special trophy for 'Most Consistent in Junior Stretch' which I think is such an awesome achievement for a little girl of just 4! So stoked that her talent is being noticed, and that she is given recognition for her hard work at such a young age. This girl was born to dance and since starting at Vanessa Lee Dance Academy this year she has just blossomed. Bronte is quick to follow in her footsteps and can't wait to do more dancing next year as well.

Here's a couple of pics of my gorgeous dancing girls...

At Interval, both dressed and ready to go!

Ready to go home, trophies in hand and so very proud!

Thanks Vanessa, Chantelle and everyone else at VLDA - so glad we found you and can't imagine the girls dancing anywhere else now!

And for more girliness, I thought I'd share with you my layouts from the latest She's Savvy Kit for November from the Scrapbook Savvy store. There are still some available in the store here.

Model Pose, which was actually for Tara's November CC Challenge...

And a closeup...

Haircuts, some super cute photos of my super cute girls getting their last haircut, its been over a year now cause I haven't wanted to cut it with their dancing and having to get it up in buns!

And a closeup...

And finally, New Ballet School of my Georgia girl on the day she started at VLDA this year, super proud to be wearing her brand new purple ballet leotard!

And a closeup, featuring some gorgeous Words Or Whatever chipboard given to me by the lovely Suzanne from WOW.

Anyway, think thats enough girliness for one day, don't forget to head over and grab yourself a November She's Savvy Kit before they're all gone! At the super cheap price of only $35 this time, you can't go wrong.


  1. I'm so proud of our beautiful girls... I know how much they love their dancing...your layouts look awesome too honey

  2. What gorgeous girls you have love those big blue eyes :) Is Daddy taking Karate in preperation for the teenage years? lol
    All the LO's are lovely it is a super cute kit and really good for these pictures