Friday, December 16, 2011

Sweet Girl

Sweet is the perfect word to describe this beautiful little girl. My bestie's daughter. A joy, a blessing, a little girl that I love like my own. So beautiful and this photo completely shows that, taken on the day of her little brother's christening last year. I wish this girl nothing but joy and happiness, and will do whatever I need to do to make that happen.

Love you Charlotte!

Sweet Girl using the November We're Savvy Kit (only two left in the store) along with a big Anthea inspired bow!

Thanks for visiting xx


  1. Oh so sweet :-) Love your page Sar :-) I'm wanting to do an Anthea inspired bow too!! They look fabulous :-) :-)

  2. just gorgeous, Sar. Love the bow.

  3. She is a gorgeous girl. And we all love and miss her up here that layout babe, you rocked that bow xxx

  4. Gorgeous page. Charlotte is very lucky to have someone like you in her life.

  5. Love the layout Sar. Definitely on its way into the inspiration files. Love the phots.