Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm never drinking again...

...ok, well maybe not for a few days anyway. ;)

Had a MASSIVE night for my friend Nicky's 30th....but I have now decided to end my new found friendship with riesling...I really don't like you afterall. :p

After spending the entire day in bed (and some of it hugging the toilet!) my stocktake plans for Savvy with the help of Emma fell no progress there for me unfortunately. But tomorrow is a new day. :)

Some scrapping I still haven't shared from Peta's, these are all the ones I've done using the Sold Out We're Savvy Kit for July. LOTS of 6x12 holiday pages, had so much fun getting through some of these.

And just to prove to Peta that I COULD scrap a full 12x12 page using these every so bright papers, this one... ;)

Nothing like some bright & cheery scrapping to brighten the cold Winter days! Hope they've brightened yours too. :)


  1. LOL at the reisling.... not a good drink too have a big night with at all!!!
    love the pages - especially the 12x12 :))
    good luck with the stock take

  2. You poor thing. We have all had days like that. Hang in there! You'll be a better woman for it... I think... ;)

  3. Hopefully you are on the mend now.
    you have really rocked the We're Savvy kit Sar and I really like your 12x12 page.