Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Kits @ Savvy

SO...due to once again having the NEWEST of new product in our kits for August....we haven't quite got all the stock available on time. The international post service advised me yesterday that my parcel would arrive on Monday. BUT, I am releasing kits for sale at midnight tonight as planned....with a sneak peek of the product I do have already (and nearly a full image for She's Savvy). You will be able to see the list of product that you will receive in each kit should be able to tell from the ranges we've used whether you will like it (which I have NO DOUBT you will as Sara has done a FAB job putting this month's kits together!).

Don't forget RETREAT GIRLS to get your kits so you've got something yummy to play with, without the stress of having to organise your page kits yourself.

Here's a sneaky look at what your kit will have this month...

He's Savvy - you can see some of the product here, but please remember that the MAIN paper range is missing (but consists of blues, greens & oranges).

She's Savvy - this is such a pretty kit than any girly scrapper will fall in love with!

We're Savvy - now this is the main one we have trouble with, as so far we have NO papers on hand. BUT let me give you this hint...if you're a Sass Lass fan and have been waiting for one of their newest ranges to hit the store, then this kit is for you! :D

Don't forget to get a sub if you want to guarantee your choice of kits! Otherwise, see you in the store at midnight tonight!!

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  1. Beautiful kits. Good luck getting the rest of our product. :)