Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another DELIGHT-ful Crop!

Had a great night with San & the girls at Scrapbooking Delights last night, and very successful for me with four layouts completed!!

The first two are blind scrapping challenges from SFS, #56 and #57.

And these two, just because using page kits I'd put together forever ago!

Its so nice to just spend times with friends at our crops - chatting, laughing and generally just having fun and time out together. As the conversation went the other night at our dinner table:

Cooper: Dad, are you going to work for two hours?
Dan: No Coop, 10 hours.
Cooper: Well do you know when Mum went to Sandra's the other day she worked for 14 hours!
Dan: (cracks up) Thats not working, Coop! Thats just like you going to Clays for 14 hours!
Cooper: So Mummy had a play date with Sandra?
Dan: Yep!

Thanks for another awesome play date, San! ;p


  1. Another good read as always... Your pages look fantastic. A very successful night!!

  2. LOL at the conversation :-). Love your pages Sar!