Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some more dolly goodness!

Another layout done for Peta from SFS last night...and guess what, Peta was actually here scrapping with me!! She was in town for the day as her little sister had her first baby so I was very lucky to have her & the kids here for the night. The kids loved catching up with their friends, and so did I! The only downside was that I had a very cranky baby, as Bronte has picked up hand, foot & mouth disease from didn't get much scrapping done with her on my lap...BUT, I have been enjoying the cuddles from my girl, just wish it didn't have to be just because she was feeling so terrible, poor girl. Anyway, enough rambling, here's what I managed...

My photo today, with my baby girl, wish I could take it away and make her feel better. xoxo

Lets hope tomorrow's a better day, surely it HAS to be! Till then.


  1. hope to day is a better day for you both,.... poor little Bronte.... but poor mum too :)
    im so glad i am able to land on your doorstep - and woohoo i'll be back on friday :))))

  2. Poor Bronte girl.... Another gorgeous LO too babe.....

  3. poor little girl, I hope she is better soon! gorgeous LO Sar!!