Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to Reality!

Home last night, and a trip to the airport today....and my weekend is officially over! If you didn't already know from the Savvy forum, our secret guest was my gorgeous cousin Donna from QLD, it was so awesome to have her retreating with us. Kate was so happy she cried, it was priceless! :)

I had a great time - scrapped, drank and ate lots. 27 layouts in total, which I am yet to photograph but will share asap.

Here's our group photo from retreat, and some other gorgeous pics underneath the beautiful purple tree.

Me with Peta & Kate - so lucky to have met these girls online at another forum, can't imagine my life without them now!

MY GIRLS! San, Del, me & Donna. Loved travelling, laughing and chatting with these girls all the way up and back!

San & I - a friendship that has grown from strength to strength as we work together to make our businesses amazing. She is my mentor, confidant and friend. Love you, San!

I will be back with layouts when I can, come back soon!


  1. thats an almost nice photo too...yeh for a change!
    excpet...can you see my poor sore baby finger!!!
    I had a ball and am grateful for finding you too....and donna and of course Del...FS's for ever!
    but i will be watching those chicks from the "more savvy" store up north closely, i shall undercut them one day my friend!!

  2. he he he ;)

    Love the photos sar, they look very familiar LOL, thanks so much for coming and for bringing your crew, it was awesome :)

  3. had a briliant weekend with you all...

    and San - go for it babe - just make sure you email me so i can buy from YOU!!! LOL!!!

  4. Sounds like you and San need to get a room! bahahahaha.

    had a great weekend with you guys MWAH