Thursday, April 9, 2009

Savvy is Up & Running!

Its all happening in my house, I took over Scrapbook Savvy yesterday after spending two days with Diane 'learning the ropes'. She has been so helpful throughout the entire process, I can't thank her enough.

I had my first order today which caused much excitement in my house, with 'woop woop's' from Daniel and the kids!

The next month or so is going to be chaos, I have so much to do in organising my at home store. Furniture and blinds are on order, we have paper racks already and others are to be built next week. Painting is still to be done. Its going to be an awesome space by the time my opening comes, the date for which will be set when I know exactly when everything will arrive. Stay tuned for that, and all local girls will be more than welcome to pop in on opening night!

Apart from Savvy happenings, today was a big day for my kids with their Easter Hat Parade at 'school' (which is actually ABC daycare). My mum & I went to watch them after Cooper asked me so nicely if I could come and watch. Him & Georgie were first in line in the parade, holding hands and just looking too adorable. Georgia kept trying to walk towards us, but he'd steer her away to stay in line with the other kids. Then we had chicken dancing and Little Peter can just imagine how crazy I went with the camera, can't you!! Here's a few...

Cooper & Georgia first in line

Standing in the circle with all the kids

Chicken Dancing (with Grandma & Bronte in the background)

And lastly, Cooper's favourite teacher Leanne, who he talks about ALL the time and I think he secretly has a little crush on... ;)

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and I have my family coming for lunch. Hope they can ignore the! Sunday I will be catching up with Karen & Hayley and all the kids for us to exchange easter eggs. Monday is a scrap day at Kel's where I have to get some DT work done for Mystical. So busy busy, and all of the Savvy chaos in between!

But its fun and exciting and I'm loving every minute of it! Don't forget to pop into the Savvy forum and say hello when you get a chance.


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  1. Hey Sar, exactly where do you live, was wondering if you are close enough to me that I can come to your store one day when hubby is minding the kidlets? If not I will just do an online order, but was wondering......