Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Look at my Big Girl Georgie!

Today Georgie decided she wanted earrings like Isabelle....and Charlotte....and Emma....SO, she now has her ears pierced! She was so brave and only cried for a minute, forgetting about it as soon as she reached the park in the shopping centre. She is VERY proud of herself and showing off to whoever she can! Can't believe she is getting so big. I always said she could have earrings when SHE decided she wanted them, thinking that'd be when she was about six or something, but two she made her decision and that was that!

Things in my house are hectic, to say the least. It looks as though a scrap shop exploded in my house...which I guess it kinda sorta did! I'm getting organised, the painting is done bar one coat on one wall which will be done tonight. The stocktake is nearly finished and then I can start adding the other 22 boxes of stock to the store...its a BIG job and I'm a 'little stressed'...ask Daniel and he'd laugh at that...but its all good!

Best go, lots to do,


  1. Oh my goodness... my baby girl has her own BLING!!!! She is so proud isnt she.... I too have been organising my scrap room (not to your extent though). I have this cool new desk which i aquired off some chicky babe i know.... I have my little monkey's canvas art work up and its looking mighty fine!! Will be getting in there real soon to get some ultra scrapping done.. Got lots to catch up on before tormoil hits my house LOL!!!

  2. Little Georigie looks adorable :) and your explosion of scrap products sounds like heaven lol... well apart from the mess ;)
    Aga xx

  3. Georgie looks so sweet with her earrings. What a brave girl she is.

  4. Hey Sar, got my order today and was very disappointed!!! Take 2..... gotcha didn't I LOL!!! I'm naughty aren't I? Thanks for a speedy delivery, most professional approach, cute handwritten note in Savvy colour and yummy eggs - Alana says thanks very much for those!!! So till my next order, chat soon, Tiff :o)

  5. Our gorgeous girl is growing up too quick! Both our gorgeous girls actually... tell Bronte she has to stay little.

  6. Very cute, did it hurt???
    I feel your pain , lol about the boxes!!

  7. Hi Sar, only just thought, if you would like me to display a blinkie on my blog for the store, I'm happy to, I tried to save the banner, but was too big, will get over to the forum and have a look, Tiff :o)